Veterans Express Shuttle
Operated by Ride-On Transportation

Veterans Express & Ride On Transportation Shuttle and Tank

Veterans Express Shuttle

The Veterans' Express was started in 2008, when Greg Shearer began raising money to meet the transportation needs for Veterans who could not get to their doctors' appointments. Greg came to Ride-On Transportation for assistance with the transportation and they agreed to provide the service for the cost of operating the vehicles and paying the drivers.

Greg Shearer began raising funds with coin canisters, Texas Hold'em Tournaments and concerts. The early months of operation provided rides for 10-12 Veterans per month. The program quickly grew and the number of rides per month increased to 50 within one year. In 2011, the Veterans' Express almost closed due to lack of funding, but several generous donors saved the program. Now, the Veterans' Express provides 180 rides a month.

Ride-On tried to scale back the program in early 2013 with the announcement of a volunteer driver shuttle for Veterans. However, this program has been slow to get started due to the low number of volunteer drivers and as a result, Ride-On is growing the Veterans Express service to make sure all Veterans who do not have transportation can get to their medical appointments.

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